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Video Broadcast Services Auto Dealer Marketing will save your Auto Dealership money, increase sales, dominate the search engines, and create permanent lead generation; and here’s how.

Are you giving cars away at your dealership?  Many car dealers complain they are losing money.  Although there are lots of new marketing strategies in recent years, most if not all, drive traffic away from your website to third party sites such as Autotrader, and Ebay.

Here’s a summary of what’s out there in the advertising world that auto dealers are struggling with:

  • Third Party Websites. Here’s the unpleasant truth: Although in the short term you may sell a few cars, there are many disadvantages to this method. By allowing your marketing dollars to enhance and improve traffic for another Website, you hurt your own Website rankings, and you’re also paying for prospective customers to look at a competitor’s inventory.
  • Print Media. If you haven’t realized it already, print media is dead. Young people don’t read newspapers, so you’re only reaching an older audience — in some cases, 65 and older. Besides the fact that the audience is not getting younger, they are more likely to be brand loyal, and they’ll stick with the same brand, and same dealership, they’ve been buying for years. If that brand is not what you’re selling, you’ve wasted your advertising dollars. It’s not a good long-term strategy, is it?
  • Listing Sites. Yelp, Yellow Pages and other third party sites drive traffic away from your Website and toward your competition. Besides, one bad review by a disgruntled customer on a site like Yelp can damage your reputation and undercut your advertising.
  • Direct Mail. Your advertising dollars end up in the nearest recycling bin when you use direct mail. People think of it as “junk mail” and they label you as not eco-friendly.
  • Radio/TV. Not a bad strategy, but 99% of consumers will Google a dealership after seeing or hearing its radio and TV ad. Will they find your dealership or the one spending thousands a month on pay-per-click to capture your intended lead?
  • Video Marketing. Posting a video on YouTube is not video marketing. Why? Because the video still has the same issue as your website — it needs to be found.  But what about the services that will create a video for you out of five images and point viewers to Autotrader? Sure, it’s a cheap service, but the result is your video is not good quality, and it diverts people to a third party site, Auto Trader.

What’s the solution?

Content video marketing for your auto dealership.  This type of video marketing captures online leads, creates permanent links back to your Website, and delivers sales for you.

“Yes, but I have a Digital Marketing Manager,” you say, “and it’s that person’s responsibility to handle my online advertising strategies”.  The truth is that DMMs are usually not up to date on the latest online strategies, and they lack crucial knowledge to effectively market the dealership. They use the same marketing and adverting tools that your competitors are using, which waters down your marketing.  They also simply do not have the time to manage the marketing, let alone create it.

Solution: Let Video Broadcast Services take of everything, and become the extra set of hands your dealership needs to gain the edge over your competition.

Content video marketing drives traffic to your Website, gets you ranked higher in the search engines, and gets people talking about you. We can devise a strategy for you that will maximize your advertising dollars, generate leads every day, and get you selling cars like you did in the boom years.

At Video Broadcast Services, we leave no stone unturned. We have effectively created and perfected auto dealer marketing for auto dealerships and we won’t work for your competitors. We do not require a long term contract to sign, so you’re not on the hook for ineffective advertising.  We take full responsibility for the results of our work.

Start getting the most from your advertising dollars — contact us today!

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