Healthcare Video Marketing

The challenge every medical professional, nursing home, assisted living center or medical service is facing with healthcare marketing is the overwhelming competitive nature of the business coupled with a lack of knowledge on how to effectively market your practice. With slow reimbursements, high costs of vendors, mushrooming employee benefits, and skyrocketing premiums for utilities, among other costs, pulling your medical business into profitability may feel overwhelming. Now throw in ObamaCare, with an onslaught of new rules and regulations, and it’s clear now is the time to look at current marketing trends to ensure your medical business pulls ahead of the competition.

Video Broadcast Services offers a complete marketing analysis to show you how you can save money on your marketing, pull ahead of the competition, create a strong and relevant online presence, keep your social media fresh and engaging, maximize your website’s effectiveness, and create a digital online presence with YouTube.

Our services will include analysis to find the areas of opportunity, ongoing SEO, Video SEO, Social Media, Digital Content and more, all for one monthly fee with no long-term contract to sign.

Advantages of Using Video Broadcast Services

  • We will not work for a competitor.
  • Our services are inclusive and will save you money.
  • The lead generation we create is permanent and will continually drive traffic to your Website and business.
  • Your website will remain current and relevant because we provide all updates and the content the search engines require to improve your rankings.
  • Proven results.
  • No long-term contract.

Please call us at 888-996-9697 to schedule a no obligation consultation to see how VBS can be of service to you and take your healthcare marketing to a whole new level.

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