Conversion Videos

At Video Broadcast Services, we have pioneered and perfected incorporating video into every facet of our web designs and our video marketing services. Integration of video creates a far better user experience, assists with converting traffic and driving traffic to your website.

First we start by creating a state of the art video themed website, completely optimized, responsive, and mobile ready for your business.

Second we create products, services, about us videos and more to enhance the user experience further.

Third, we devise a comprehensive marketing plan to drive qualified traffic to your website. We accomplish all of our goals with using our marketing tool of choice, video.

Please call Video Broadcast Services at 888-996-9697, so we may further explain how your business may benefit with an updated website, products and service videos and a video marketing plan to drive qualified traffic to your website by building out a strong online presence within the major search engines, and create the permanent lead generation.

Call 888-996-9697 to schedule an appointment with one of our video specialists today.

Video Themed Websites

VBS offers fully optimized websites, interactive websites including video themed websites.

Integrating video in a website will create an engaging experience for your visitors. We will design, develop and program a responsive website for your business.

We also provide all the updates and ensure your online presence is where it needs to be to attract and convert visitors.

Our Video Themed Websites Include:

1-  Design Services

2- Logo Design

3- Shopping Cart

4- Complex E-Commerce Websites

5- Video Integration

6- Site Map

7- Custom Imagery

8- Website Management

9- Video Player

YouTube Marketing and Management

Video Broadcast Services provides the same YouTube channel support, and administration, you pay thousands per month for Facebook and Twitter for content posts and account management.

We provide the right content videos to create, and manage, your own customized YouTube Channel.

We script, produce, provide talent voice over and upload the videos about your business, service, and products right to your own custom YouTube channel. Social Media is critical to keep your online presence current and relevant. YouTube is no exception and in fact should be your priority.


Why YouTube?

YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine next to Google. A strong video presence on your YouTube Channel will augment all forms of marketing, provide a much-needed video presence for your business, creates yet another social media channel to broadcast about your goods and services.


Why are many businesses not using YouTube?

It is that simple; most businesses do not have the time or knowledge. Many business owners are spending thousands of dollars just to manage Facebook alone. Every business knows they need it, but simply do not have the time to create and post engaging content, and therefore fail to keep their pages current.

At Video Broadcast Services, for a monthly fee of $997.00, we create two videos per month about your products, services, inventory, sales team, specials and more.

We start by setting up a branded YouTube banner complete with graphics, call to action content and a link to your website. We then begin the management and creating the content to make sure your videos create the brand image you’re looking to project. We will also build out your Subscribers to further your channels audience.

For $1,597.00 we will also include management of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will post the videos we create for your YouTube Channel as well post them on Social Media as well as post non-video posts as well. We also monitor comments and ensure your online reputation is monitored and more importantly addressed.