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Tell Your Story With Video

Video Marketing

VBS protects your advertising and marketing budgets with our exclusivity. We provide a unique strategy that allows your business to outperform with Social Media, Video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Digital and Content Marketing. By promising exclusivity, our services will not be sold to your competitors.

YouTube Management

Video Broadcast Services provides the same YouTube channel support, and administration, you pay thousands per month for Facebook and Twitter for content posts and account management. We provide the right content videos to create, and manage, your own customized YouTube Channel.

Video Themed Websites

VBS offers fully optimized websites, interactive websites including video themed websites. Integrating video in a website will create an engaging experience for your visitors. We will design, develop and program a responsive website for your business.

VBS Executives

Marcia Hawkins
Kyle Clouse
Vice President
Michael Tirrell
VP of Sales